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Today Will Be A Bad Day For Many Sales Reps!

Posted May 24, 2019

Today (May 24th, 2019) is going to be a bad day for many sales reps in the U.S.!


Because it’s the Friday BEFORE a holiday weekend and many reps will “mentally check out” today.

Time out!

Before you think I’m about to distribute the idiotic hustle porn that’s become so prevalent today, let’s clear something up!

You work hard and quite frankly, if you’ve decided to take the day off, please do it, guilt free, and don’t read any further. This blog post ISN’T written for you!

It’s written for those who show up for work today and do a whole lotta nothing because they feel NOTHING happens on the Friday before a holiday weekend.

Here’s an important newsflash;

Holiday Weekends Were Invented A Long Time Ago!

So stop acting so shocked every time one presents itself.

Prior to the holiday weekend;

Make a decision!

You’re either working and are all in or;

You’re taking some vacation time. No half measures!

If you have a local territory, set up appointments (in advance) for the Friday before and the Tuesday after the long weekend. The best way to spend our time is “belly to belly”.

If you DON’T have a local territory, set phone appointments, Webex, etc (in advance).

The reason behind setting local appointments and phone, Webex, etc is there can be a high cancel/no show rate before and after a holiday.

You can also set up phone appointments (in advance) with your LinkedIn network.

If you can’t run appointments those days;

Pick up a phone and call someone.

Send an email.

Note: Email is a wonderful thing during holidays.


Because you get those automated “Out of Office” responses and they can contain cool things like direct lines in their auto signature, cell numbers, people to contact in their absence, etc.

Spend some time building your network on LinkedIn.

Just keep in mind that there’s less noise during holiday weeks and that’s your opportunity to stand out!

Do some research for the prospecting you’ll be doing after the holiday weekend.

Send those “Thank You” notes you’ve been falling behind on.

Spend some time working on creative ways to get a decision maker’s attention.

Spend some time working on your sales chops.

Your last resort should be administrative things, but;

Today is going to be a bad day for many sales reps!

They won’t take advantage of less noise today.

They will spend the day mentally checked out.

Their competitors will pounce!

And this will be one of many holiday weekends, weeks, seasons and;

Over the course of year it really adds up!

Hope you find yourself either taking a well deserved few days off or;

In full agreement that today, is in fact;


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