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Want To End The Year Strong? Better Start NOW!

Posted August 19, 2019

So here we are again, rapidly approaching the final months of 2019.  

For those of us in sales, that means a final push in order to finish the year STRONG!  

If only it were that simple!  

Between now and year end, there are a few obstacles you’re going to have to navigate.  

You have several holidays like Election Day, Veteran’s Day.  

Time Out: Even though most US businesses won’t be closed those days, kids are off from school and that means parents will be taking off of work.  

You have Thanksgiving which is really more than a 4 day weekend. People tend to “mentally check out” before and after which might cost you a week

And then you have . . .

“Call me back after the holidays!”  

And that’s a serious slow down (for many businesses) from the end of November to early January 1st.  

Buyers are going to “mentally check out” and forgive me for suggesting this, but you might be inclined to as well.  

Add those things up, and you really DON’T have as much time as you would think to make it happen.  

That’s why you need to get going TODAY!

How? Well;

I Have A Plan For You 

I created a plan for you that includes; 

  • How to completely leverage the Fall/Holiday season to YOUR advantage.
  • 2 ways to TRIPLE your referrals. Referrals have this magical way of closing faster, no?
  • 3 email tactics that will get you MORE responses and MORE appointments.
  • 5 ways you can use creativity to get a busy decision maker’s attention.
  • 6 ways to LEVERAGE your social network between now and year end!
  • 4 things you MUST do with your existing clients ASAP. 
  • How to pick up the pace BEFORE everyone starts with the “Call me back after he holidays” stall.
  • How to create a communication plan that will open new doors and help you close MORE deals. 

Here’s What You’ll Get

(1) 90 Minute Training Download

Worksheets So You Can Follow Along

5 Of My Best Email Templates

Bonus PDF

Email Access To Paul Castain To Answer Any Webinar Related Questions After The Training Session

You Need To Pick Up The Pace TODAY, NOT In November!

How Much?


So if you’d like to create a little MORE momentum BEFORE the holiday season, I’d click HERE ASAP.

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