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Why Everybody (Especially Sales Reps) Need A Coach

Posted January 15, 2019

Here are 4 reasons why I think getting a coach sooner rather later is in your best interest;

1) You Really DON’T Have Time For Mistakes!

Business moves mighty fast and quite frankly, mistakes waste precious time.

“Winging It” “Learning as you go” can work but having someone guide you (who understands the road ahead) is more effective.

It’s kind of like getting in your car to drive cross country from New York to LA. You know you have to head west so you jump in the car and drive. Chances are pretty good that you’ll get lost, get aggravated but eventually you’ll figure it out or . . .

You could save a lot of time and B.S. by using your G.P.S.

2) You Need Someone To Kick Your AssI love sales people but having been one for over 30 years I can tell you that our egos have us believing that we’re far better than we actually are.

There are also too many that love to cite sales techniques as “common knowledge” or “Sales 101” (sound familiar?) and they typically go unchallenged.

A coach (or at least one that gives more of a damn about you than your money)  will call you out on that sh*t and make you, wait for it, wait for it; actually DO IT! Which segues nicely into . . .

3) You Need Someone To Hold You Accountable: How many times have you wanted to call some prospects but didn’t or try a new idea but life swept you away?

Reality check in 3,2,1 . . .

Our lives are full of those moments and they have this nasty way of adding up!

A good coach will set action items with you (I prefer to have my clients set their own) and then hold you accountable!

Note: They should also hold you accountable between coaching sessions with assignments, updates etc.

Just the mere thought of having to face someone (who you know will hold you accountable) will help you accomplish more.

Sorry for getting up on my soap box again, but all those free blogs, webinars, podcasts, etc that we all partake in. won’t help us with the “GOYA” part so . . .

It stays in our inbox or a notebook or “committed to memory” . . .

Never to be acted upon!

4) YOU REALLY Need To Have Some Skin In The Game: I love free stuff but I don’t take it as seriously as I should!

I can’t tell you how many free eBooks I’ve downloaded that I never read.  I have attended God only knows how many free webinars and I just don’t take action (at the level I should) but. . .

I take action on every self improvement tool I pay for!

Why? Because I’ve made an investment!

Sometimes we send the wrong message to our brains . . .

We tell it that it’s alright to support our $4 a day Starbucks habit.

We tell it it’s alright to spend money on going out to lunch several times a week.

We tell it it’s alright to make investments in strange companies through our 401k’s but then, in the same breath, we are saying;

“I won’t invest in myself because I’m not worth as much as those other things!”

That’s just sad!

Note: Don’t even think about blaming your cheap boss for not paying for stuff for you;

They’re NOT supposed to want your success more than you!

And further, you can’t blame them when you WON’T invest in yourself!

As I look back on my career, I’d say the single biggest mistake I made was failure to take on a coach, earlier in the process.

As a result, I could write the book on stupid mistakes and my journey towards greater success took much longer than it should have!


For more information on how I can help you or your team dominate this year, email me directly

Castain’s 2019 Coaching Program

I am NOT your typical coach!

I work with my clients in a very different way than traditional coaches!

A traditional coach will ask you lots of questions, and lead you on a path of self-discovery – while providing you with very little of what experts refer to as “answers!”

By the time people reach out to me, they have lots of questions of their own and could sure use some answers. That’s why I created a very different coaching format.

Here’s what our time together would look like:

  • We’ll start off with a quick update from you. I’ll want to know what you’ve been up to, what’s challenging you, opportunities you’re in front of etc so we can brainstorm.
  • Next, we’re going to have some accountability by reviewing the action items from our last session.
  • We’ll then dive right into either a sales lesson I’ve prepared for you or brainstorming a challenge or opportunity you’re facing.
  • We’ll conclude the session with you telling me what you feel your action items should be. My job is to make sure you aren’t babying yourself while at the same time, aren’t working yourself into an early grave!
  • Each session is approximately 45 minutes.

And YES, I coach sales leadership on everything from hiring sales rock stars, onboarding them, training them, coaching them, how to have killer sales team meetings, creating a performance culture etc!

Between Sessions

I’ll ask you to email me an update on your progress. You’ll receive feedback and additional email support. Our relationship will always extend beyond that time when the proverbial “meter is running.”

You’ll also receive occasional reinforcement emails, content, etc from me.

What Makes Me Unique

For starters, I’m not one of these reps who sold for like 15 minutes and decided to get out and do something “safer,” I’ve been actively selling for 30+ years.

And I’m not someone who only cares about his paycheck turning the other way while you slack.

I recognize that no matter how great a training event might be, there needs to be a reinforcement component in order for training to ‘stick!’

In this program we work – and you’re going to sweat.

I take my job as your coach seriously and I insist you take your time with me seriously too.

Not ready to make that kind of commitment?

Then stop here and do some soul searching!

Ready to make that commitment?

Please read on!

When You Sign Up For Castain’s Coaching Program, You’ll Get:

  • (12) 45-minute, one-on-one sessions via phone or Skype
  • Email support during the 6-month program
  • Reinforcement emails during the 6-month program

I’ve trained and coached over 20,000 sales reps, sales leaders and business owners!

Invest In A 6 Month Membership In Castain’s Coaching Program and Take Control Of Your Success!

Investment: $1800

Once your payment is received, you will receive an email from me to set up an initial call to review scheduling options and discuss what you’d like to accomplish during our time together. There is no charge for this initial call and it won’t count toward the 12 sessions you’ve purchased.

It all begins with the courage to:

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