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You Might Need To Grow A Pair!

Posted June 18, 2019

There are certain topics that the sales profession LOVES to talk about (almost to a fault) and then;

There are the topics where everyone gets uncomfortable and makes a mental note to “Deal with it later”, only;

They never do!

One topic is selling over the summer when;

You sell to verticals that slow down, shut down, and mentally check out!

Do you have a plan for that?

I posted this question in my Facebook group and had crickets except for a comment or two.

I posted this question on Twitter to my 115,000 followers and had only a handful of comments (including 2 people who responded with humor).

This next part blew my mind;

Several people suggested that a good plan would be to vacation but;

Last time I checked, the summer lasts about 8-10 weeks!

So the plan is basically NOT to deal with and go off on a 10 week sabbatical?

Are you kidding me?

Here’s what I’d like for you to do instead;

Sales Managers: Get this question out to your sales reps ASAP

How will you adjust your plan for the summer months?

And anyone thinking they’re going to do 8-10 weeks worth of administrative tasks is missing the point!

FYI: I posted a FREE worksheet the other day that your sales reps should fill out and YOU should schedule a team meeting around!

Please CLICK HERE to download it!

Here’s something else your team can benefit from!

Sales Reps: If you find yourself avoiding the topic of adjusting your tactics over the summer;

Seriously, its time to grow a pair and deal with it TODAY, otherwise;

Have fun letting 20% of your year get frittered away!

And when you’re ready for some answers, click HERE or the banner below!


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