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An Email Template That Will Help You Stand Out (Especially During A Competitive Sale)

Posted April 3, 2019

There’s an email that I used to send when I led my sales teams at Dale Carnegie.

Once a week my reps would bring me the contact names and email addresses of the deals they were working on that week.

Note: For those of you wondering why I didn’t just take it from our CRM, it’s because I didn’t want want to do the next step without permission from the rep.

Next, I would send an email to each contact cc’ing the rep so the prospect wouldn’t think I was blindsiding the rep.

In the email I would mention how the rep told me about them, their company, and how they were considering us.

I’d also mention how honored we were to be considered, and how I’d be there should they ever need anything while making their decision, and most importantly;

Should they decide to work with us!

I’d email it and then FedEx a hard copy.

I received lots of great responses and my reps expedited their deals.

Many of these new clients told us that none of our competitors did this and;

How refreshing it was to see;


That was what I was hoping for and call me silly but;

I think there’s another reason that’s obviously not as prevalent;

I think a prospect is less likely to delay, go silent, or do anything that would make someone look bad when;

They know that person’s boss is watching!

When I share the email template with my coaching clients and advise them to email AND FedEx, there’s usually a question as to why both?

Quite selfishly, I want the extra “touch” and;

I can scribble a handwritten note at the bottom to really bring that sh*t up a notch.

So give it a shot and let me know how it works for you and your team!

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