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Doing The Things You NEVER Have Time To Do In Sales

Posted July 3, 2019

Holiday weeks and slow periods are ideal for doing the things you never have time to do.

Here are a few examples;

Last summer I scheduled time with a photographer to redo my headshot.

I gave my LinkedIn profile an overhaul.

Some of my clients increase the amount of handwritten notes.

One suggestion I shared in our Virtual Sales Camp Program is to host your own networking events since most networking groups shut down during the summer.

How about spending time thinking about (and implementing) a creative prospecting sequence instead of the same sh*t your competitors are probably doing?

How about jumping on a call with someone in your LinkedIn network?

While you’re at it, how about calling that stack of cards you’ve been collecting at all those networking events you’ve been to?

All year long you NEVER had the time to train and learn new selling tactics. If things are slow this time of year, why don’t you use that time to your advantage?

Spend some time rethinking your cold emails.

Spend some time building your objection handling muscles.

Spend some time getting to know your clients at a much deeper level!

Here’s the thing folks;

If things slow down for you over the summer;

Then use that time to the things you NEVER have time to do;

Instead of updating your CRM and other administrative tasks.

And speaking of “Finding the time”;

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