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Most Sales Reps AREN’T Thinking About The Road Ahead

Posted August 21, 2019

Whenever we used to drop our son off at college, I’d make sure we left his campus early enough to get ahead of rush hour traffic.

I had to account for several obstacles like construction, other traffic, etc because if we were to get held up along the way,

We’d end up timing it in a way that we’d spend and extra 90 minutes in the car, after a 3 hour ride.

Now, it wasn’t just about WHEN I left, it was about taking advantage of those stretches of road where you can make good time.

Like that stretch of road where there’s no traffic and the speed limit is 65 (which to me is more of a “it’s alright to do 80 until you see a cop”).

Right now, most of you are on that road where you can open up the throttle quite a bit more but;

Soon, traffic is going to slow down your pace and shortly after that;

You’re going to be stuck in traffic as prospects and clients begin telling you “Call me after the holidays”.

Time out!

You might think its ridiculous to bring this up at the end of August and just for sh*ts and giggles;

You might be under the impression that you can think about in a few months.

It’s going to be too late to pick up your pace by then!

So what are you going to do, RIGHT NOW, to get MORE deals in the pipeline and;

EXPEDITE the deals you’re working on?

Sales Managers: Ask all of your reps to create a plan for the final stretch of 2019.

Brainstorm ideas in your team sales meetings.

Discuss during your one on ones.

And if you’d like 25 of my best ideas to help you finish strong;

You’ll want to take advantage of this special download!

Here’s what you’ll gain by downloading it ASAP;

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