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Staying In Touch With Prospects WITHOUT Being Annoying, Desperate, or Salesy!

Posted September 9, 2019

There’s a really dangerous part of the sales cycle where many a deal takes a bullet;  

The time, in between meetings!  

Your prospect’s limited attention span, will take them away from;  

The emotional intensity that (hopefully) you created during your meeting.  

Their urgency to change  

The steps they need to make the change  

Thinking about you  

Thinking about your company  

Thinking about your solution  

Additionally, you might misinterpret a highly distracted buyer as someone who’s giving you the old blow off.  

You’re at RISK!

So what are you going to do, between meetings, to stay top of mind (without any of that awful “Calling to check in” stuff)?  

What are you going to do to keep them engaged and excited?  

What are you going to do to create and sustain urgency?  

What are you going to do to continue to demonstrate that YOU are the BETTER choice.  

These are questions you need to be pondering and brainstorming with your sales team.  

And when you’re ready for some answers;  

Download This Special Resource I’ve Prepared For You!

It’s a 60 minute prerecorded webinar where we discuss;

  • The 3 Things You Must Do After Each Prospect Meeting.
  • The 3 Most Important Things To Reinforce Between Meetings and 15 Ways To Do It. .
  • What To Do When Things Get Competitive.
  • 5 Things To Do If You Think You’ve Been “Ghosted”.
  • A 10 Point Communication Plan (With Templates) To Help You Stay “Top of Mind” and Gently Guide Your Contact From Prospect To Client.


Download it instantly.

What Do You Get?

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