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Want To Move Forward With A Prospect? Work Backwards!

Posted September 9, 2018

What can you do to EXPEDITE the deals you’re working on;

BEFORE the holiday season hits and;

Everyone starts mentally checking out and telling you to;

“Call me back AFTER the holidays”

One way, is to get a firm commitment on WHEN delivery, launch, implementation etc is to happen and then;

Work backwards subtracting your turnaround time.

For example, if you’d like to hire me to train your sales team, I typically need 30 days to create that for you.

So if you were to tell me that you’d like to get this training going in January, I’d subtract out my lead time and we’d end up with your decision date.

I would then ask for a commitment for a decision, NO LATER than that date, and set an appointment (right then and there) for a meeting/call for your decision

I go a step further and send a calendar invite confirming this and;

I use “homework” to keep everyone (me included) on task.

This is a really important step, because it gently tightens the leash and;

It gives you an early indicator of the urgency (or lack thereof).

It also gets that decision, “on the calendar” and keeps things moving forward;

BEFORE that magical time of year when people tend to use the holidays to blow off decisions, meetings etc.

And not to take a turn to “Negative Town” here gang but;

You need to have a rebuttal, at the ready, just in case they try and postpone that meeting, as you get closer to the decision date and especially;

As you get closer to the holidays!

This is actually the first step (of several other steps) you can do to EXPEDITE your deals BEFORE year end.

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