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Why You Should Love Fridays & Mondays As A Sales Professional

Posted February 6, 2015

I need to warn you about what you’re about to read because you’re going to want to give me an eye roll and the old “I know that” but;

Chances are you might still be guilty. So humor me and tell your ego to go wait in the car.


There are those who believe that buyers somehow don’t have needs on a Friday or they’re winding down their week and don’t want to speak with a sales rep.

So how does the average sales rep respond to that? They label Friday an “Admin” day.

On Fridays you have many people (and to be fair its not just sales reps) in a more laid back, “I’m winding down the week” mood. With that comes the extended lunches,  the extended chats, and let’s not forget about the “I have a meeting at 3:00 so I need to leave early” crowd.

On Monday, you have those who like to spend an inordinate amount of time talking about the weekend and embracing at least half a day of admin again. Why?

Because somehow they convinced themselves that nobody wants to talk business before 1:00 PM on Mondays.

So for many people you have anywhere from a few hours of self imposed wasted time to a day and a half but;

This really adds up!

Multiply it by a few weeks

Multiply it by a month or so

Multiply it by a quarter

Multiply it by a few quarters

Multiply it by a year;

And that 1-1/2 days adds up to 50-75 days, each year, that are trashed!

So Why Should You Love This?

You should love this because many of your competitors embrace this philosophy and YOU can stand out!

So while they’re writing the day off as an “admin day” and/or taking extended lunches and scurrying off to an “important 3:00 pm meeting” you get to outwork them!

Delivering your message when there’s less noise is an awesome thing!

It should also excite you if you’ve been slacking!


Because if this hit home with you, and you’re willing to liberate back some of your week, that also multiplies, dramatically over the course of a year.

Our Problem Lies In “Extremes”

Many of us justify our behavior by embracing extremes.

We feel like if we’re running, running, running, then we’re heading 120 mph towards the cemetery.

So we counter that by slacking!

Or . . .

We feel that if we aren’t running, running, running, we’re slacking so;

We counter that by overworking ourselves!

So maybe we need to adjust our thinking?

Perhaps we need to challenge belief systems that might be limiting us?

Maybe we need to balance better  . . .

Or maybe we just really need to get our sh*t together when it comes to Fridays and Mondays?

Sales Reps: Guard your time and don’t ever let those, who have made poor choices, drag you down with them.

Sales Leaders: Don’t allow anyone on your team to fall into a mindset that allows them to justify a day and a half of “admin” each week!

Anyway, I gotta go take advantage of the minimal noise on Fridays compliments of some of my competitors!

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